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China: A Century of Revolution


The three most important factors in the future of this planet are China, China, and China. China is the wild card. As it goes, so will the world. But the future of China cannot be glimpsed unless you have some clue of its recent past. This fantastic 3-part series is a fast-paced, extremely photogenic story of the madness that has possessed China this last century. You watch, horrified and mesmerized, as it lurches from one insane obsession to another. Is its current all-consuming devotion to commercialism and capitalism yet another bout of madness, or its final release? You’ll have a better idea after this film. I have not found a better one-stop source for understanding China today than this series (and I married into the Chinese).

— KK

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China: Century of Revolution
by Sue Williams
2000 (re-issued in 2007), 360 min.
$20, DVD, 3 discs

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Long Way Round



What vicarious fun! Two actors (one, the young Obi-won Kenobi from Star Wars) decide that what their comfortable lives need is a motorcycle adventure. How about going from London to New York — the long way around? As in across the channel to Eastern Europe to the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, a few other ‘Stans, Mongolia, Russia, Siberia, Alaska, Canada and finally across the US. Somewhere in Kazakhstan they and you realize that this is not going to be ride in the park. There are only 80 miles of paved road in all of Mongolia. And on the Road of Bones in Siberia, built on the lost lives of 2 million prisoners in the Soviet Gulag, there are no real roads at all. It takes nearly 4 months of much mud and bad food. Their ride is filmed by a third hapless companion, and is hilarious, educational, thrilling, and above all, very entertaining. The curious mix of global Star Wars celebrity fame, medieval nomads, Russian Mafia bad taste, incompetent officials, and near-death accidents make it irresistible.

— KK

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Long Way Round
Directed by David Alexanian and Russ Malkin
2004, 360 min.
$17, DVD (3-disc)

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