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Many deaf people reject the idea that deafness is a handicap. To the shock of the rest of us, the hearing, they view the *loss of deafness* a sin. The passion to remain deaf is brought into conflict with conventional norms in this amazing documentary when two brothers — one deaf and one hearing — need to decide whether to give their deaf children cochlear era implants. Complicating this decision are their unusual families. The deaf brother married a deaf woman and they have 3 deaf children. They refuse to let their incredibly bright 5-year-old deaf daughter get the cochlear ear implant which she wants. They are afraid she will lose the joys of deaf culture. The hearing brother married a hearing woman of two deaf parents, and they have a deaf son. His and his wife’s decision to give their newborn synthetic hearing, in opposition to his wife’s two deaf parents, puts their families in turmoil (the conflicted parents of the brothers pivot in the center). The fighting escalates till it riles both the proud deaf community and the fix-deafness medical community at large. Everyone hand signs in the films; you follow along with narration, so your immersion into deaf culture is total, deep, shocking, and extremely rewarding. As impossible as it is to believe before you start this great film, for a brief moment you side with the *remain forever deaf* folks.

— KK

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Sound and Fury
2000, 80 min.
Directed by Josh Aronson
$14, DVD

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