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By fantastic coincidence two young French filmmakers were documenting the life of a New York firehouse for several months when the Twin Towers were stuck by planes. Their chosen firehouse just happened to be the closest one to the World Trade Center. By pure luck they filmed BOTH planes hitting the towers, and the fall of the second tower, minutes after they exited it, after having followed their subject firefighters into the burning tower. This film is the most amazing inside look at the hellish events as the towers burned and crashed. In addition to the expected horror, there is personal drama: you are waiting – like the other firemen in the station – to find out who did not return from the collapse. The footage is heroic and astounding and heartbreaking. I experienced a huge sense of emotional closure by watching the film because I now felt I had some idea of what happened in the offices; I felt I was there. This documentary guarantees you a journey you won’t forget.

— KK

911-1 911-2 911-3


Directed by Gedeon Naudent, Jules Naudet and James Hanlon
2002, 120 min
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