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The Machine That Changed The World


That would be the computer. This five-part series is a very entertaining history of the computer, what we expected from it, and how it came to be. The series stops before the internet, before the computer’s greatest influence, so one might say it’s is an incomplete history, but very good nonetheless. Appropriately the documentary is only available online.

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The Machine That Changed The World
WGBH Television and BBC
Available at Viddler
Part 1: Great Brains
Part 2: Inventing the Future
Part 3: The Paperback Computer
Part 4: The Thinking Machine
Part 5: The World at Your Fingertips
Also available as a single BitTorrent file from

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This American Life


Here’s the legendary radio show of the same name, only in video. Same story-telling genius. Same quirky subjects. Same excellence. This American Life is the best thing on radio these days: short, true stories about real people who undergo some kind of transformation. This video version is the same, but different. The journeys are unexpected. Not big deals, but amazing. You’ll enjoy them.

— KK


This American Life
Ira Glass
2008, 120 min.
$2 per episode, Amazon Instant Video

Official website

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