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The Dog Whisperer


People have dogs with uncontrollable behavior. They’ve been to obedience school, and have tried every trick they can find, and they still can’t control the dog. After years of “bad dog” blues they are ready to give up. Then they call Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, to their home, and five minutes after he walks through the door he has the dog in perfect control. An hour later the astounded owners have reformed the bad dog to good dog. It doesn’t matter how weird, ferocious, demented, and neurotic the dog is, the dog whisperer can fix them almost instantly. The hundreds of transformations in this series are endlessly fascinating, kind of like magic tricks, as the owners keep saying, “I can’t believe it!” It’s quickly evident the owners are the ones who are weird, ferocious, demented and neurotic, and so the series manages to be constantly entertaining (it is now up to 4 seasons on National Geographic) because you are watching people confront themselves. As the dog whisperer says, “I rehabilitate dogs, and I train people.” Of course, there are tons of insights into dog behavior and guidelines for keeping you sane and your dog lovable.

— KK

The Dog Whisperer: Season 1
Cesar Millan
2004, 662 min
$2 per episode, Amazon Instant Video

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