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Deep Water


Finally, a documentary with as many unexpected plot twists and turns as a scripted film. Nine men set off on a race in 1969 to be the first person to sail completely around the globe. Alone. Non-stop — without landing for repairs, re-supply, or human contact. That means each sailor will spend 8-9 months at sea by themselves going crazy. They have two adversaries in common — the stormy sea in the southern hemisphere, and their own minds. Of the two, the harsher force is their own minds. In response comes the whole spectrum of human nature: Hubris! Deception! Insanity! Genius! This film focuses on one of the men, a deeply flawed eccentric, and follows him step by step as his fantasies overrun his dreams on this arduous journey. His story is heartbreaking, yet gripping. It is not about sailing, but about a journey into the inner cosmos. As the drama unrolls one surprise after another, I found myself audibly gasping in wonder as we watch someone go over the deep end. Understated in that British way, it is an astonishing story.

— KK

Deep Water
Louise Osmond, Jerry Rothwell
2006, 92 min.
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