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Man, these guys are tough. They play take-no-prisoner rugby in wheelchairs. They are rams with wheels. No special allowances or protective gear for these quadriplegic cases, even though a lot of them have broken their necks once before. They overturn each other on their way to the Olympics in a sport called, affectionately, murderball. Several of the more colorful characters on the US team are featured in depth. We hear the story of how they wound up severely disabled (thrown from a car, crushed in a brawl, crashed a motorcycle), and what they’ve done to transform their lives since. It is clear that for this team, most of them are living fuller lives than before they were chairbound. The serious competition through the Olympics is great fun. Their success in living, inspirational. It’s an entertaining documentary.

— KK

murderball1 murderball2 murderball3 murderball4 murderball5

Directed by Henry Alex Rubin, Dana Adam Shapiro
2005, 85 min.
$6, DVD

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