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This series is primarily about the drama of competition. Twelve unknown clothes designers race to win a slot as a new fashion star. Like a lot of reality shows it features camaraderie, back-stabbing, acts of genius, betrayals, and toxic doses of ambition, but mixed into eye-tickling colors and the stunning visuals of clothes being made. In parallel with the mystery of who will survive increasingly stressful hurdles, we also get a front-seat perspective of how clothes can become art and what it takes to survive in the cutthroat business of high-end fashion. I found every one of the first season’s challenges to be brilliant and the whole series very addictive; I’m guessing the other seasons are just as good. As someone who likes to make things, this 8-part film also made the craft of fashion something that inspired me.

— KK

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Project Runway: The Complete First Season
With Heidi Klum and Michael Kors
2004, 509 min.
$20, DVD, 3-disc set

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