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Grizzly Man


The joy of the wild can melt our hearts so that we feel completely at one with nature. Sometimes that joy is so great it can send us over the edge into madness. That’s what happened to Timothy, who fell in love with the Grizzly Bear. His zeal to protect them from other humans led him to spend 14 summers in their feeding grounds where he became their friend. He came to see his defense of them as heroic and began filming himself as the star of his own movie while living among them. In his own intimate video tapes, we hear his confessions, dreams, and scripted scenes as gonzo nature host. We also watch close up and personal as he gradually becomes unhinged in his connection to the bears, and late one fall, Timothy is eventually eaten by one of the grizzlies he was filming. Later, Timothy’s footage was masterfully edited and supplemented with interviews by documentarian Werner Herzog into one of the most memorable true films in years.

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Grizzly Man
Directed by Werner Herzog
2005, 100 min.
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