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The Parking Lot Movie


This small portrait of over-educated parking lot attendants in a college town is surprisingly entertaining. The guys profiled rank at the bottom of society’s status, but become the “Gods of the Corner Lot” and enter into a constant battle with the owners of expensive cars and SUVs. Their whole war with the “parkers” is all in their heads, and since they spend a lot of time sitting in their tiny shack doing nothing, they live in their heads. The great joy of this film is that it gets you into their big heads. Their tiny patch of sub-culture is charming and amusing.

— KK





The Parking Lot Movie
Meghan Eckman
2010, 71 minutes
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Posted November 15, 2012 at 9:32 am | comments

  • Is this the beginning of a trend. Next in line TheGarbageManMovie, TheHairdressers, TheWaiter, The BusDriver 2.0. But I love the idea that every subculture has now the guts to show us their worldview.

  • david

    This was an excellent movie. Highly recommended.

  • TaylorCBryant

    Great recommendation! I had this in my queue forever, thanks for the nudge.