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How Art Made the World



This fancy BBC series reveals art to be not the product of culture, but the producer and shaper of culture. It’s a wonderfully creative and imaginative show of how great art changed our world, our ideas, and even our humanity itself. Each episode tackles a big idea using the latest state-of-the-art documentary techniques and special effects. It’s brimming with news and consequential notions, but presented clearly and with wit. I think the series succeeds admirably. It does so in part by expanding your concept of what art is – without ever bringing up that boring debate. I like that they often focus on underappreciated artworks. In the end you see that art, like science and technology, has altered our environment and our identity. We are art.

— KK

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How Art Made the World
Directed by Robin Dashwood
2005, 290 min. (2 discs)
$23, DVD

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