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Kintaro Walks Japan



A restless young Californian sets out to walk the length of Japan in order to impress his half-Japanese girl friend, whose father walked the length of North and South America. What makes this autobiographical travelogue worth watching is the sheer fun and exuberance of the hero, nickname Kintaro, as he pulls everyone he meets into his movie. Smile, you are part of my adventure! Walk all day for months? Life is beautiful! Kintaro inspires fun every step of the way, in every frame of the movie, as he plays with film and life, and jokes, bonds, learns, and shares his walk. His joy is incredibly contagious. Once in your life you should do what this guy did. Make a fool of yourself and see what’s down the road. Feeling low? Watch this! And as a bonus, this light-hearted documentary shows a mellow side of Japan very few gaijin ever see. (It doesn’t say anywhere in the film but Kintaro (real name Tyler MacNiven) won the $1 million Amazing Race 9 reality TV program.)

— KK

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Kintaro Walks Japan
By Tyler MacNiven
2005, 67 min.

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