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Greetings True Film Fans,

Documentary films continue to surprise me. On average they are better than most fictional films these days. They have a wider scope of interest, more ways to be different, and they tickle your mind as well as your heart. Enjoy.

(There was a reader survey here, but its job is done.)

Kevin Kelly

Posted July 10, 2006 at 5:01 am | comments
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  • Mike Purvis

    the link to the “self-service survey” =

    Error processing survey: Survey is not active.

    Great list. The Great Global Warming Swindle is a recent documentary to check out. Not conspiratorial, just showing the juxtaposing side of man-made global warming. I found it influential.

    • @Mike, it’s done its duty. I’ll remove the link.

  • Nancy Shack

    This website is invaluable. I love documentaries and have used your site as a resource to find ones that I may want to view. I have been borrowing as many documentaries as I can from my suburban library system, which draws on more than a dozen area libraries. I want to get the films now because one never knows how long they will be in circulation.

    Your writing is wonderful and I truly appreciate the time that it must take to maintain this site. Thank you for sharing your recommendations.