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In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great


This program is how classical history should be taught. Amateur historian Michael Woods demonstrates the power of knowledge gained when you live out the past exactly. Forcing himself to follow the actual footpaths of Alexander the Great on his 10,000 mile march — at least as much as politics, research, and geography would allow — Woods uncovers all kinds of insights about Alexander’s personality and tactics, while providing viewers an amazing journey of their own — starting with caravans in the Sudan and ending with caravans in Pakistan, gliding across river crossings in Russia and in river boats down India, stretching from the mountains of Macedonia to the mountains of Afghanistan. Beautifully written, expertly hosted, magnificently filmed, and wonderfully enlightening — this BBC-produced film is simply the best short course (3 hours) in ancient history that I’ve yet seen.

— KK

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In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great
Directed by David Wallace
1998, 240 min.
$90, DVD

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